Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A call to WAAAAAAAGH!! (Part 1!)

Hey everyone,

I thought it was about time I got round to posting some shots of the Ork Kill Team I've just finished putting together. I'd not played 40K for some time, so have recently been playing the Kill Team mission from the Battle Missions book to get back into things. I've yet to get hold of the 6th ed rules (waiting for a pocket-sized rulebook from ebay :P) so am still rolling with the old rules. My opponents have been Dan of Hobby Before I Die (Chaos) and Olly from the Bearded Arts (Tau Empire). To be honest, the results with the Orks have only cemented the fact that their strength is definitely in numbers and really don't fit into the elite specialist role too well. That being said, the games have provided some cinematic (and slightly idiotic) moments!

At this point I'll throw in the caveat that these figures were purposely speed-painted to a battlefield standard. I've also been tinkering with the photography a bit which has allowed me to capture closer images that really highlight the imperfections of the painting style....

This guy is the squad leader (or Nob...) whose name is yet to be decided. He's armed with a big chopper and a bosspole. The skin tones were achieved using Gretchin Green (still on the old paint range!), washed with Ogryn Flesh and highlighted back up with the base colour. 

The Armour plates and other metallic areas were the first trial of Cold Steel from the Formula P3 range, which was recommended by Ron at From the Warp. This was also washed with Ogryn Flesh and highlighted back up with the Cold Steel. Both the Nob and Heavy Gunner had muzzle flashes and spent bullet casings added to the guns, and these were sourced from Armorcast in the US.

The light cloth areas were good-old Dheneb Stone; The darker clothing is Charadon Granite (which all the models were sprayed with as a first coat), washed and then weathered with a mix of brown and red powders.

I was keen to have each of the figures looking unique, and managed to get them all different by modifying a couple of pieces from the Ork Boys kit and kit bashing a few components from the Dakkajet kit...

The head of this boy was one of the optional pilot pieces from the Dakkajet and is one of the three nominated 'specialists' in the team, which has one of the universal special rules each game.

This is one of my favourite pieces in the Kill Team...

I was trying to avoid using the chainsword in the Kill Team as it didn't really fit the stealthy (as Orks can be...) elite team, but ended up using it to keep everything individual. I guess he'd be the one guy who gives the plot away as they approach the objective, with the chainsword on...?

Right; that's about that... part two with the support unit, the Dakkajet will follow (promise)


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