Thursday, 23 August 2012

Green Stuff Industries

Hey all,

Today I'd like to recommend you check out the goodness over at Green Stuff Industries. I found their site after reading an excellent article on From The Warp (check out FTW too, if you haven't already!)

I've recently placed an order for the Tentacle Maker toolbox, which is currently sat in Pinole, California with the USPS (pink marker on the map above for those interested in Geography...). 

The tentacle makers are reasonably simple pieces of kit which allow you to form tentacles or hoses/power lines etc from rolls of green stuff (or an alternative product (there are a few out there!!)). The results on the examples are excellent and I'm looking forward to trying these out in my conversion work. The price of the toolbox with all three gauges of tentacle maker, was only a little more than a single gauge kit and rolled in at a not-bank-busting ~£35 including priority international shipping.

These are a couple of examples of the kind of thing you'll be able to make with these kits, along with a CAD demo of how each tentacle maker looks.

The exposure of the TMs gained from the review on From The Warp has really propelled business at Green Stuff Industries, and the word on the site is that they're now having some demo pieces made up for a chain maker, which, if it comes to fruition, I'll also be ordering.

Well, 'til next time folks

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