Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Works in Progress

Hey all, thought I'd follow up yesterday's post in quick succession as there's been a bit of a hobby drought these last couple of weeks.

I've thrown together a few shots of a couple of projects that are currently works in progress.

The game board sections are coming along nicely. They were basecoated in Army Painter leather brown primer; two cans just stretched far enough to cover all six pieces. Just. Using the airbrush I applied some shading around the base of the hilly areas and add low-lights to some of the other features on the sections. Although the contrast looks quite stark in the photos, it's not so noticeable in the flesh, er, plastic.

I used some low-tack masking tape to mask off the areas around the skull pits before laying down a couple of layers of Bleached Bone as it seemed like a quicker option than painting these areas. In reality though, I was a little over-zealous with the airbrush and dusted BB outside of the masking. This was relatively quickly resolved though with a subsequent drybrush of Dheneb Stone over the whole area to tie the colours together and represent the worn down surfaces around these areas. I also used the airbrush to lay down a few patches of the paler tones to add some further contrast.

Switching tack, I revisited these Genestealers as an impromptu painting project with my lad Jake a few weeks back. He's a budding painter and has got the 'spraying stuff' bug from his Dad, so we found these lurking in a figure case to use as fodder.

They were originally basecoated with Army Painter Skeleton Bone primer, so the Scorpion Green went on pretty well without any hiccups. Once this was dry, the bases were painted Scorched Brown and the 'Stealers themselves were all washed with Thraka Green wash to shade in between the armour plates, ribs and other joints. We're in the process of re-overbrushing the majority of each figure with Scorpion Green. The teeth and claws are Khemri Brown/Dheneb Stone and the tongues have been painted Hawk Turqoise/Ice Blue.

We've had a couple of trial games of Kill Team 40k and these things tear it up! You get 14 standard Genestealers for your 200pts and they're lethal. Assuming there's sufficient cover to bounce between, there's not much that can be done to stop them. Unlike your regular games of 40k, it's pretty much full speed ahead each time, and with limited enemy forces on the table, it's normally all sewn up by the end of turn 3.

Gruesome. But, I might have an answer to the problem...


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