Friday, 13 July 2012

Enter the Dragon

'Sup everyone, thought I'd round out the week with a quick pic of a figure I painted super-quick a few weeks back...

I've not found an application for him yet, only maybe as a generic adventurer in an RPG, with a heavy lean towards the fighting arts. I picked him up from the good people over at Hasslefree Miniatures a couple of months back for two or three beans. As ever with their pieces, the figure is a nice clean sculpt that required very little prep work prior to painting.

I based him on a 40mm scenic resin base, mainly down to the stance, but this also gave a bit of scope for the extra scenics, creating a mini diorama. It was also an excuse to try the new pot of Mephiston Red I had in stock.

In all, there was less than an hours painting involved, having airbrushed the red basecoat over a black undercoat. The skin areas were painted Khemri Brown before washing the model with Ogryn Flesh. The cloth areas and skin tones were layered back up to the original colours and the hair was painted black with progressive highlights, adding Adeptus Battlegrey to the mix each time.

The base had the standard treatment before adding some clump foliage and highland tufts from the Army Painter range.


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