Monday, 9 July 2012


Hey all,

Its been a while since the last post, thanks to a brush with Nurgle, but I'm back in the blogging saddle with a pic of a figure i recently picked up from Hasslefree Miniatures.

This is 'Deonne' and shes a kinda freedom fighter/rebel type adventurer. As ever, the sculpt was really crisp and clean and packs bags of character. 

I used a super-simple colour scheme of flesh tones and complementary shades for the skin and hair, Charadon Granite for the clothing/boots, with varying numbers of shading washes on the different layers to create subtley different variations of the colour. I figured she'd probably operate during darker hours, so probably wouldn't be decked out in her technicolour dreamcoat...? The handguns were Boltgun Metal washed with Ogryn Flesh. As ever, the base is Scorched Brown with Dheneb Stone drybrishing on the surface. Job done.

As an aside, I'm gradually getting through the stocks of older paint colours, so I'll be getting some newer stuff up on here soon.



  1. Mate, this is great - really atmospheric and brooding. The trench coat washes have worked really well and the skin tone is spot on. The whole mini has a 'graphic novel' artwork feel to it. I'm in love with Deonne...

  2. P.S. Great to see you back ;)

  3. Deonne is my next door neighbour, I'll get you her phone number if you like?!