Friday, 1 June 2012

Master and Commander (and Helmet Guy)

Hey all,

Quick post today with a couple of shots of Commander Azrael and the little guy who tags along with him.

These figures were given to my brother all those years ago when we first got into the hobby. We got round to assembling and undercoating them but didn't get any further, and they've sat around in a box for the last few years.

When I went about reclaiming old pieces a few weeks back, I cleaned these up and ordered a new backpack and banner for Azrael. They were both reassembled, based and spray undercoated Chaos Black. I then put down a Dark Angels Green basecoat with the airbrush.

The articulated joints in the armour and the sword hilt were painted Charadon Granite, before the armour was washed with Thraka Green and then with Badab Black. The cloth areas, banner, and iconography were basecoated Dheneb Stone and the red areas basecoated Dark Flesh. The sword blade was painted Boltgun Metal. All of these areas were then washed with Ogryn Flesh.

For the highlighting stage, the armour was blended up with a 50:50 mix DAG and Snot Green, with SG on the edges. The extreme highlights were Scorpion Green. The light cloth areas were layered back up with Dheneb Stone. The red areas were layered up with Dark Flesh and Vermin Brown. The bases had the usual treatment of Scorched Brown with the tops drybrushed Dheneb Stone. Army Painter grass scatter and jungle tufts were added for a little extra detail and to compliment the green armour.

Olly, next time I see you chap, you can have your figures back :P

Laters all!

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