Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Alice? Who the f*** is Alice?

Hey all,

Quick post again with a few shots of Alice from Hasslefree Miniatures. First up, apologies for the image quality. In my wisdom I thought it would look cool to stand the figures on an ad-hoc plinth (the lid from a spray-can), but the camera had trouble focussing beyond it, hence the slightly blurry pictures...

Hasslefree do some great sculpts, and this is a new take on the tradtional fairytale character, wielding a revolver and a mangled bunny. As I was digging through the bits box, I found some resin bases that my brother sent my way a while back. They seemed like a good fit and the finished piece looks fairly good (no really, it's just poor photography!)

The base colour was Ice Blue, laid down with the airbrush and shaded with a thinned down wash of Shadow Grey, before being layered back up with Ice Blue. The skin tones were then based with Tallarn Flesh, washed with Ogryn Flesh and re-layered. The hair was trusty Dheneb Stone. The rabbit was based with Scorched Brown and layered with Ceramite White. The revolver and other metal areas were Boltgun Metal and washed with Ogryn Flesh. The base was finished with Citadel static grass to create a pathway across it and bring a sense of motion to an otherwise static piece. This also gave a stronger colour than the normal basing material I use, which lent itself to the more traditional day-glo colour palette associated with the story.

Anyways, head on over to the Hasslefree site, they've got some great pieces up at the moment!

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