Friday, 11 May 2012

The Deathwatch

Hey folks,

I've finally gotten round to finishing up my Deathwatch Kill Team project, so thought I'd post the results.

This is the Squad Captain and Heavy Weapon guy from the Ultramarine and Crimson Fist chapters respectively. Across the whole squad, I tried to give each figure their own character or role in the squad.

Paint-wise, I used a Chaos Black undercoat out of the can, then put down a Charadon Granite (old paints still!) base layer with the airbrush. The metal areas were base coated Tin Bitz before washing each figure in it's entirety with Badab Black wash. I stumbled on this technique for a more realsitic black whilst painting the cowboys (see a previous post) and creates some nice areas of shade in the recesses. I found that using straight black leaves the models looking flat as you can't create darker areas to give the depth.

The fleshtones were achieved with my normal base coat of Tallarn Flesh, washed with Ogryn Flesh and re-highlighted with Tallarn Flesh. I've also used my normal 'realistic red' method on the guns. Red guns always look cool on the pages of White Dwarf, but have never turned out too well. I basecoated the guns with Dark Flesh, washed with Ogryn Flesh and then highlighted with Terracotta.

The chapter iconography was all handpainted, to varying degrees of success. The Red Templars and Imperial Fists were two of the better efforts. I normally try and keep my colour palette limited across a squad in order to add to the feeling of a consistent, cohesive unit, but the Deathwatch is an obvious exception and a good opportunity to try out some of the new Citadel colours. The yellow is the new Averland Sunset base colour, and went on quite well, although I did thin it a little and apply a couple of layers.

The red on the Blood Angel is the new Mephiston Red and again, went on quite well. The lenses on all the models were Ice Blue, highlighted with Skull White. The bases were my usual Scorched Brown with the tops textured with sand and drybrused Dheneb Stone. I used Army Painter flock and Jungle Tufts to add some extra detail and finish them off.

All I need now is a willing guinea pig, I mean opponent, to try them out against :)

Cheers all

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