Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Hey all,

Thought I'd put up a quick pic of a one-off piece I finished a while back. I picked this up in the recent Black Scorpion metal overstock sale and ended up letting my lad Jake have 'ownership' in return for having his hair cut, or something like that..... :P

Black Scorpion is one of my favourite 'indie' games companies and produce some cracking pieces. The Privateer is from the non-fantasy-pirate range and packs bags of character. Jake chose the colour palette and it was a relatively quick figure to paint, as the large cloth areas make up the majority of the piece. As usual, once the basecoat was applied, I washed the whole figure with Ogryn Flesh to shade and generally tone down the colours. Highlights were re-applied with the respective colours and the base finished in a sandy beach-type effect with a highland tuft applied for a little extra interest.

Hope you like the results. The intention is to raise a warband to play the Legends of the High Seas game rules, published by Warhammer Historical.... we'll see....

Cheers all

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