Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Quick draw... er... paint?

Hey folks, thought I'd head back to the Old West for today's post, with a couple of shots of my Outlaw posse from Black Scorpion Miniatures, that I put together a week-or-so back. 

I've been experimenting with various ways of speeding up my painting time and have been using the Citadel Spraygun quite a bit recently. For the money, it's reasonable at putting down a decent basecoat once your figures have been undercoated (I normally use Citadel Chaos Black for this).

These guys were basecoated with Charadon Granite from the Citadel Foundation range and gave me a solid layer to build on. I prefer using this to Chaos Black as it gives a more realsitic dark grey/black finish. The metal areas were painted with Tin Bitz before all the figures were washed with Badab Black, to darken down the base colours and give some really dark shaded areas in the recesses. The metal areas were then drybrushed Boltgun Metal to highlight.

I used Tallarn Flesh for the hands and faces, Vermin Brown for the rifle butts and holsters, Dheneb Stone for the shirts and used Iyanden Darksun to basecoat the yellow highlights. These areas were then washed with Ogryn Flesh before re-applying those colours to the raised sections and leaving the recesses shaded.

The reason I opted for yellow spot colours on the outlaws, was that I mirrored the predominantly-yellow of the 'soiled dove' associated with the gang (basecoated Iyanden Darksun with the spraygun). 

Even in these lawless lands, there's a code of conduct and a lady will never be targeted in a fight (unless she fires on you with her 'saturday night special', which is a small firearm concealed about her person, then she's fair game!). You can use this to your advantage and really play in the spirit of the outlaws by using her as a human shield, then opening fire when the time is right.

The bases were finished with Scorched Brown, overbrushed with Dheneb Stone on top, with Galeforce 9 scorched grass and Army Painter highland tufts used to add extra detail.

In total, I was probably painting for around 6 hours and I'm pretty happy with the finish of the final pieces.

That's all for now, catch you later

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