Friday, 31 May 2013

Hobby Updates!

Wow! I cannot believe it's been three months since I last posted.... where has that time gone to?? Jeees... Since January this year, I've established my own photography company (and doing a little bit of design in there too!) and you can find my website here: I'm also working on a little Super-Dungeon-Explore-inspired project with some like-minded gamers and more details of that will follow :)

Secondly, a quick thanks to all 6,000+ of you who have taken the time to read my little page, that's awesome!

Whilst I've been mega-busy setting up Main Event Photography UK, I have had the odd moment to get some hobby time in and thought I'd post up a few pics of some of the figures I've recently painted up....

The Deeproot Druid was the first SDE figure I painted and I need to redo the bear skin. Everything else is OK though...

The Hearthsworn Fighter...

The Royal Paladin; initially, I wouldn't leave on an adventure without him as he was the insurance policy when it all hotted up, but there are alternatives...

The Claw Tribe Barbarian is a monster in close combat...

Limited edition Candy & Cola... these guys are the figure heads of Sodapop Miniatures and in the game can regenerate and distribute potions amongst the hero team. In practice, not the most effective choice, but one of my favorite sculpts none-the-less.

The Deeproot Scout is one of my core team members as he is a great all rounder, able to mix it up in combat as well as use his bow. Depending on the other heroes you take, this guy can benefit from Attack and Dexterity buffs, so is really flexible. Plus he can retrieve treasure chests from range, which is really handy!!

The unexpectedly awesome magic user, Princess Ruby. I'd written her off in the beginning, but she is really very good! I normally take her in along with the Deeproot Scout as their potions complement each other really well and you can quickly juice up your team with loot cards if their dice work out right!

Lastly, I thought I'd post up a pic of the all-conquering Sabre Squadron, led by Baron Soontir Fel, that I flew in an X-Wing minis tournament at my local games club this weekend just gone. 

Gambit Games UK will be hosting another X-Wing tournament in October, which will take place at our normal gaming venue a couple of miles west of Brighton. Anyone interested is encouraged to book early as places are limited and are already being allocated!

Cheers all!

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