Thursday, 9 February 2012

Random Games Workshop Figures

Wassup everyone? In today's post, I've put together a series of pics of some random odds and ends I've been painting up recently, from the backlog of GW figures I've acquired over time.

I picked up these Space Marine Chapter Masters shortly after they were released. I'd originally intended to use them as squad leaders in a Marine force, but, when I got round to it, ended up building a primarily bike mounted force (see yesterday's post). 

This guy actually represents a Ripper swarm in my Tyranid force. There's quite a lot of narrative pieces in the list and this one was inspired by the rule 'the Sarge is acting strangely'. If an emeny unit tried to enter from a flanking table edge, they first have to roll to see if the squad leader turns into a Ripper swarm. The downed Ork is actually from the WFB Empire Archers kit. With a little modifcation including the Ripper instead of the arrow, an extra armour plate and a head-swap, I'm pretty pleased with the end result. The other swarms in the list are represented by an Inquisitor and his inducted Guard platoon stalking through alien eggs. I'll post some pics of those when I finish painting them up.

This Fire Dragon was bundled in with a load of figures I inherited from a friend who never got round to painting or playing. Just like GW a few years back, I've gone through a bit of a red phase...

The figure in the center was the UK Games Day special a couple of years back and was kindly donated by Gambit Games member Colin (cheers bud!). He was actually the test piece for the recently developed red schemes. The figures either side have been hanging around for about six years, so thought it was about time they were fixed up. By the way, if anyone is thinking about painting White over predominantly dark colours, I'd highly recommend a Dheneb Stone foundation layer first, and follow it up with a couple of thinned down layers of white. 

Two more inquisitor's henchmen from the backlog. Was pretty happy with the finish on the guy with the hedge trimmer.

The last offering today is this group. I'd originally intended to use Telion (center) in the Salamanders force, but figured removing all of the Ultramarines iconography could get a bit sketchy, so I scratch built an alternative model that better fitted the feel of the rest of the army. I'd recommend a trip to or if you're looking for specific components (but you've gotta be lucky!)

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