Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Call of the Wild

Hey folks, today I thought I'd put up a few pics of the Space Wolves army the I took to the 40k doubles tournament a while back, with my bro, Olly. The format was that the army should be comprised of two 500-point forces, each bringing 1x HQ and 1x Troops choices. Between the two forces, each of the other army unit types should be represented (Elite, Heavy, Fast) before you can take a second choice from any of those categories.

So, the list we ended up with was:

Olly - Wolf Guard with Frost Blade & Blood Claw pack in a Drop Pod, Dreadnought with Multimelta in Drop Pod and a Lone Wolf in Terminator armour.

Pete - Rune Priest with Murderous Hurricane and Storm Caller powers & Blood Claw pack in a Drop Pod, Long Fangs with two Plasma Cannons, two Rocket Launchers and a Rhino transport, one Landspeeder with a Heavy Bolter.

This is the Rune Priest with one of the Blood Claw packs. During the second game of the tournament, these guys jumped out of their Drop Pod and felled a Chaos Terminator squad to a man, with their Bolt Pistols. I did crack a smile.

This is the second of the Blood Claw packs, which teamed up with the Wolf Guard battle leader, again in a Drop Pod. When you deploy with the pods, you can deploy half (rounding fractions up) on turn one, and roll for the rest from turn two onwards. They also have inertial guidance systems which prevents them scattering into buildings/other units and so on, so they're pretty accurate. In the first three games, this really complimented the Wolves' aggressive style. In hindsight though, we should have played way more defensively in the last game, which ultimately cost us a placing.

These are the Long Fangs with the Wolf Guard. Despite the tendancy of Plasma weapons to be a little unreliable, these worked absolutely perfectly throughout the whole day without any overheats at all.

 The Dreadnought was based on the Black Reach snap-fit model with a couple of wolfy add-ons. This was also deployed by Drop Pod and managed to deny our third round opponents half of the board and an objective, when it was deployed. The Lone Wolf in his Terminator Armour is the last surviving member of his pack and set about seeking a glorious end. Strangely, despite throwing him into a stack of certain death situations, we only managed to kill him once. He was pivotal in the closing moments of our third round encounter with another marine army and stuck around until the end to deny a second objective.

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